Decanter centrifuges are machines that separate solids from liquids using centrifugal forces. The edges of the centrifuge flights, where the solids are gathered, see high levels of wear. Ferobide is the ideal wear protection material for decanter centrifuges, due to its easy installation via welding

Ferobide offers superior wear performance compared to hard face welding and ceramic tile options for scroll flights. The performance of a decanter centrifuge during operation is improved with Ferobide as it significantly reduces the vibration in service. Uptime hours, separation efficiency, service cycle length, and the overall lifetime are all improved thanks to Ferobide. Significant time savings are achieved due to Ferobide’s weldability during the build or repair of the decanter centrifuge.

Conventional ways of protecting the flights involve the use of hardfacing rods or by welding “carriers” with brazed tungsten carbide tiles.

Ferobide is also well suited for rectangular inlet and discharge ports, scrapers, and other components found on a decanter centrifuge.

Product Advantages

Product advantages:
  • “Significant wear resistance of up-to 8-10 times better than typical chromium hard facing, and up-to 4 times better than typical alumina ceramics”
  • “Ferobide has proven to outlast the typical service cycle for wastewater decanters”
  • “Significant reduction in noise and vibration levels because the scroll remains balanced through using Ferobide tiles.”
  • “Ferobide has proven to reduce operating and maintenance costs.”
  • “Significantly reduced scroll build time when welding Ferobide compared to hard face welding.”
  • “Standard Ferobide tiles available on stock for immediate dispatch”

Frequenly Asked Questions

It is very easy and quick to weld Ferobide.

When welding Ferobide, keep heat input to a minimum, and use standard MIG / MMA methods. Clamp Ferobide in place, otherwise use a single tack per tile. To guarantee the best results, please see our quick welding instructions here..

Welding gives best results for users. However, if large demand requires, Ferobide can be supplied stud-welded for screw installation. Please consult Tenmat direct for more support.

Ferobide can be used on a wide range of different machines and ground-engaging tools.

It is ideal to combat sliding wear, to prevent thinning or “washing” and is well suited for situations where brazing is not an option and hardfacing is too slow. Ferobide is typically used on seed drills, subsoilers, cultivators, ploughs, muck spreaders, root harvesters, sugar cane harvesters, buckets, mowers, augers, and scrapers.

One ideal placement is behind a brazed carbide edge, however if Ferobide is placed anywhere with sliding wear or in areas that avoid the impact of leading edges, results have demonstrated the effectiveness of Ferobide.

Please see below for examples.

New developments in Ferobide have increased the impact resistance for leading edges however please avoid using standard Ferobide tiles on leading edges and points where the Ferobide is subject to heavy direct impact. Ferobide has been specially developed for excellent sliding wear performance and should only be used on leading edges with minimal impact.

Where welding is the only option for Ferobide, please enquire directly about our leading-edge solutions.

Ferobide is not to be used in above ground high speed applications, e.g. toppers, hedge flails, etc.

Ferobide is the most durable welded material readily available on the market and has upto 10x performance versus hardfacing, and up to 6x performance versus chocky blocks. Brazed pure tungsten has a slightly better wear resistance than Ferobide and while Ferobide is comparable to brazed carbide, Ferobide is slightly less durable. Brazed carbide is the best option for leading edges.

When used for the correct applications, Ferobide users can achieve a much greater working life and performance from wearing metal parts. As well as increased service life, Ferobide also helps to reduce downtime and save time & money on-farm.

See Ferobide case studies below for further details.

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